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In addition to his fine-art compositions, Dave Turner also composes music. He says: "Like many people, I enjoy various types of music. My personal favorites are classical, opera, and jazz. And having traveled widely, I've had the opportunity to experience the music of indigenous cultures. As with my artwork, composing and playing music is a source of genuine pleasure." Listed below are some of Turner's musical works-in-progress, including original melodies in a variety of style, mood, and tempo, and arrangements of classical favorites from the baroque, classic, romantic, and bel canto eras. Turner's music incorporates a variety of jazz styles such as cool, smooth, swing, and rock. Jazz music is shown in blue.


Set 1 Original compositions and classical arrangements (part 1)

Set 2 Original compositions and classical arrangements (part 2)

Set 3 Classical jazz arrangements

Set 4 Original jazz compositions and mixes

Playlists also available on YouTube: Dave Turner's Cool Jazz Plus Music Channel

Original Compositions

1. Turner's Theme[1:09]Dave Turner's signature melody.
2. On the River[4:26]A free-flowing, steadily floating composition.
3. Spring Waltz[3:17]A light, lilting melody to start the four seasons.
4. Summer Jazz[3:21]Turner's Theme arranged for jazz accompaniment.
5. Autumn Melody[2:50]Composed without instrument, using music software.
6. Winter Blues[3:29]A melancholy air, completing the musical seasons.
7. Morning Dew[1:57]Sunrise in the cool, misty mountains.
8. Downstream[3:41]Still on the river, but moving further downstream.
9. Prelude in C[3:09]Developed from a Bach phrase of eight notes.
10. Jasmine[4:54]A beautiful flower of the east, and fragrant tea.
11. Memory Lane[3:10]A melody of wistful thoughts.
12. Melody in G[2:49]The structure of a sonnet applied to music.
13. Daydreams[4:51]Melody in G re-arranged in a different key.
14. Rainbows[3:02]A simple composition on a five-tone scale.
15. Flight of Fancy[3:08]A soaring melody with soprano saxophone.
16. Carolina Highway[4:48]Cruising along with the car and the music in D.
17. Reverie[5:03]Lazy afternoon watching the clouds drift by.
18. Swingtime[3:45]Lively jazz version of Reverie with tenor sax and full brass.
19. Intermezzo[1:41]A quiet interlude with a sequence of arpeggios.
20. Distant Shore[4:25]A change of mood with a shift to a minor key.
21. Sunny and Clear[3:08]Light and lively composition for vibraphone and jazz ensemble.
22. Sweet Slumber[1:37]A simple melody for harp, composed as a gentle lullaby.
23. Carefree Days[2:52]Smooth soprano sax in uptempo rhythm.
24. Heartstrings[3:32]A plaintive love song for flute and strings.
25. Hopscotch[2:48]Upbeat arrangement of Turner's Theme.
26. Sails Unfurled[3:51]Rolling with the waves and heading out to sea.
27. Rondo in A[3:41]Jazz vibes composition in contemporary baroque style.
28. Promenade[4:05]Catchy jazz rendering of Heartstrings melodies.
29. Stargaze[4:09]Mellow jazz for a mellow mood.
30. Twilight Cool[2:52]A light and breezy composition for piano jazz.
31. Silk Trail[3:23]Smooth piano jazz with an Asian flavor.
32. Autumn Air[3:42]Autumn Melody arranged for jazz quartet.
33. Easy Go[4:20]A slow and easy rendering of Melody in G in jazz swing.
34. Baroque Pastiche[6:43]Music of Bach, Handel, Pachelbel, and Vivaldi wrapped in Turner's Summer Jazz.
35. Classical Collage[7:08]Turner's Twilight Cool embraces music of Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, and Schumann.
36. Minuet Mashup[6:18]Minuet melodies by Bach and Handel interwoven with an original Turner composition.
37. Nightfall[5:40]A cool piano melody for jazz quartet.
38. Inspiration[3:54]An instrumental piano arrangement of an original Turner song.
39. Bright and Breezy[3:01]A light and easy piano jazz composition.
40. Sunrising[3:42]A catchy melody for piano jazz ensemble.
41. Ever More[3:13]An original Turner song adapted for jazz piano.
42. Cool and Easy[3:24]A jazz vibes composition in light swing.

Classical Arrangements

1. Bolero[3:47]Ravel's theme adapted for guitar, oboe, and trumpet.
2. The Swan[2:11]Saint-Saëns' popular melody arranged for cello.
3. Jupiter[2:45]Excerpts from Holst's theme arranged for brass and strings.
4. Queen of Sheba[1:10]Handel's oratorio music adapted for harpsichord.
5. Meditation[2:15]Massenet's beautiful melody edited for flute.
6. Arioso[2:11]An air from a Bach cantata arranged for cool jazz guitar.
7. Minuet in A[2:18]Bach's music adapted for vibraphone and jazz ensemble.
8. My Joy[3:26]More Bach and more jazz, with a popular cantata in brass swing.
9. Canon[2:39]Jazz vibes arrangement of Pachelbel's famous baroque composition.
10. Mon Cœur[3:16]Saint-Saëns' beautiful opera love song arranged for clarinet.
11. The Four Seasons[5:41]Vivaldi's themes adapted for classical guitar and jazz ensemble.
12. Träumerei[2:54]Schumann's dreamy melody arranged for bass clarinet and strings.
13. Porgi Amor[2:28]A cool and casual rendering of Mozart's cavatina.
14. Libiamo[4:13]Jazz swing arrangement of Verdi's famous drinking song.
15. Song of Farewell[3:00]Melody from a Chopin étude adapted for jazz guitar ensemble.
16. Sonatina in G[3:05]Beethoven's music arranged for jazz vibes and strings.
17. Minuet[4:29]Music from Handel's Royal Fireworks suite rendered in jazz swing.
18. Rejoicing[4:35]More Handel Fireworks adapted for uptempo jazz.
19. Vaga Luna[3:21]A lively piano jazz arrangement of Bellini's bel canto arietta.
20. Sheba[3:29]Handel's Queen of Sheba arranged for classical guitar and jazz ensemble.
21. Serenade[5:18]Jazz rendering of a melody by Hoffstetter (previously attributed to Haydn).
22. Hornpipe[3:25]Mellow jazz arrangement of Purcell's 17th-century dance music.
23. Garden Swing[3:46]Boccherini's famous melody adapted for jazz vibes ensemble.
24. Butterfly[3:27]Cool jazz rendering of melodies from the Butterfly Lovers violin concerto.
25. Va Pensiero[4:02]Verdi's opera chorus arranged for piano jazz ensemble.
26. Fanfare[2:45]Telemann's music edited and arranged for jazz piano.
27. La Prima Speranza[3:18]Jazz vibes arrangement of a Verdi opera melody.
28. L'Italiana[3:56]A mix of melodies from Rossini's L'Italiana in Algeri, adapted for vibraphone.
29. Turca Alla Cool[4:34]Mozart's famous rondo arranged for jazz vibes and classical guitar.

All music © Copyright 2015-2018 Dave Turner. All rights reserved.

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