• Portrait of Daphne Ladines, detail

  • Portrait of Damon Sheff, detail

  • Lady Agnew of Lochnaw, after John Singer Sargent, detail

  • Portrait of R. W. Bartlett, M.D., detail

  • Portrait of Joelene, detail

  • Romain Lacaux, after Pierre-Auguste Renoir, detail

  • Portrait of Hugh Thomas Stubbs, detail

  • Lady in a Red Dress, after Agnolo Bronzino, detail

  • Titus van Rijn, after Rembrandt, detail

  • Madame Barbe de Rimsky-Korsakov, after Franz Xaver Winterhalter, detail

Welcome to the home page of Portraits by Turner. At this site you can view the work of British artist Dave Turner, who specializes in painting original oil portraits and master portrait reproductions using fine-art techniques of the Old Masters. Working in the United States for the last 30 years, Turner has developed a method and style of portraiture that satisfies his clients with traditional realism, characterization, and lasting value. For more information please send e-mail or call the artist at his North Carolina studio: (919) 367 8204.

Original Portraits

Turner’s well-crafted portraits are noted for their simple yet strongly unified composition, their natural vitality, and sympathetic characterization. This gallery presents samples of Turner's original portraits, featuring a variety of male and female subjects. Notes accompanying each portrait present the artist's comments on style and composition of the work.
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Portrait Reproductions

This gallery presents reproductions of Old Master portraits that Dave Turner has painted, including works by Rembrandt, Renoir, and Sargent. According to Turner, "painting a copy of a master work is for me a labor of love that always proves to be an enriching educational experience."
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Portrait of the Month

Through the centuries from early Renaissance to modern times, talented artists have painted many thousands of portraits, depicting their varied subjects in the style and manner of their day. Each month Turner selects one master work and highlights the portrait here.
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The Portrait Process

Planning and painting a portrait is a collaborative process. Whether it's a simple head-and-shoulders or half-figure portrait or a more elaborate arrangement, the artist and client work closely together to create the finished work of fine art.
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Portrait Demonstrations

This section presents demonstrations of the academic techniques that Dave Turner uses in his portrait painting. Included are the master technique, glazing technique, and Venetian technique. Also shown is a step-by-step work in progress.
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About the Artist

Since developing his oil painting skills and techniques in London, England, Turner has traveled widely, visiting museums and galleries around the world to further study master paintings. Turner has acquired broad practical experience with the Old Master techniques, while adapting these established methods to his own style of realism.
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Notable Quotes