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In addition to his fine-art compositions, Dave Turner also composes music. He says: "Like many people, I enjoy various types of music. My personal favorites are classical, opera, and jazz. And having traveled widely, I've had the opportunity to experience the music of indigenous people in a variety of cultures. As with my artwork, composing and playing music is a source of genuine pleasure." Listed below are some of Turner's musical works-in-progress, with jazz music shown in blue.

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Original Compositions

1.  Turner's Theme [1:09] Dave Turner's signature melody.
2.  On the River [4:26] A free-flowing, steadily floating composition.
3.  Spring Waltz [3:17] A light, lilting melody composed in 3/4 time.
4.  Summer Jazz [3:21] Turner's Theme arranged for jazz accompaniment.
5.  Autumn Melody [2:50] Composed without instrument, using music software.
6.  Winter Blues [3:29] A melancholy air, completing the musical seasons.
7.  Morning Dew [1:57] Sunrise in the cool, misty mountains.
8.  Downstream [3:41] Still on the river, but moving further downstream.
9.  Prelude in C [3:09] Developed from a Bach phrase of eight notes.
10.  Jasmine [4:54] A beautiful flower of the east, and fragrant tea.
11.  Memory Lane [3:10] A melody of wistful thoughts.
12.  Melody in G [2:49] The structure of a sonnet applied to music.
13.  Daydreams [4:51] Melody in G re-arranged in a different key.
14.  Rainbows [3:02] A simple composition on a five-tone scale.
15.  Flight of Fancy [3:08] A soaring melody with soprano saxophone.
16.  Carolina Highway [4:48] Cruising along with the car and the music in D.
17.  Reverie [5:03] Lazy afternoon watching the clouds drift by.
18.  Swingtime [3:45] Lively jazz version of Reverie with tenor sax and full brass.
19.  Intermezzo [1:41] A quiet interlude with a sequence of arpeggios.
20.  Distant Shore [4:25] A change of mood with a shift to a minor key.
21.  Sunny and Clear [3:08] Light and lively composition for vibraphone and jazz ensemble.
22.  Sweet Slumber [1:37] A simple melody for harp, composed as a gentle lullaby.
23.  Carefree Days [2:52] Smooth soprano sax in uptempo rhythm.
24.  Heartstrings [3:32] A plaintive love song for flute and strings.
25.  Hopscotch [2:48] Upbeat arrangement of Turner's Theme.
26.  Sails Unfurled [3:51] Rolling with the waves and heading out to sea.

Classical Arrangements

1.  Bolero [3:47] Ravel's theme adapted for guitar, oboe, and trumpet.
2.  The Swan [2:11] Saint-Saëns' popular melody arranged for cello.
3.  Jupiter [2:45] Excerpts from Holst's theme arranged for brass and strings.
4.  Queen of Sheba [1:10] Handel's oratorio music adapted for harpsichord.
5.  Meditation [2:15] Massenet's beautiful melody edited for flute.
6.  Arioso [2:11] An air from a Bach cantata arranged for cool jazz guitar.
7.  Minuet in A [2:18] Bach's music adapted for vibraphone and jazz ensemble.
8.  My Joy [3:26] More Bach and more jazz, with a popular cantata in brass swing.
9.  Canon [2:39] Jazz vibes arrangement of Pachelbel's famous baroque composition.
10.  Mon Cœur [3:16] Saint-Saëns' beautiful opera love song arranged for clarinet.
11.  The Four Seasons [5:41] Vivaldi's themes adapted for classical guitar and jazz ensemble.
12.  Träumerei [2:54] Schumann's dreamy melody arranged for bass clarinet and strings.
13.  Porgi Amor [2:28] A cool and casual rendering of Mozart's cavatina.
14.  Libiamo [4:13] Jazz swing arrangement of Verdi's famous drinking song.
15.  Song of Farewell [3:00] Melody from a Chopin étude adapted for jazz guitar ensemble.

All music © Copyright 2016 Dave Turner. All rights reserved.

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